February 27, 2024

Intimate industry is one of the most stable areas of the world economy, as it has existed for thousands of years and is actively developing even in countries where prostitution is illegal. But every year such countries are becoming less and less, because many governments have already realized that it is not worth fighting with the problematic sphere – it is easier to take it under control. As a result, sex tourism has become a top option for foreign vacations, and millions of travelers visit other countries solely to meet local putanas.

The list of in-demand countries for leisure time with individual women

Today, the benefits of adult vacations are enjoyed not only by male tourists, but also by lovely ladies, so the list of popular tourist destinations from Pander includes countries where there are sex services for every taste:

  1. Thailand. This is the first country that comes to mind when it comes to diverse sex tourism. There are at least 2 million putanas of different genders and orientations regularly working in Thailand, so men, women and even couples are guaranteed to find entertainment to suit their tastes. And even regular female employees of resorts, restaurants or bars do not mind spending time in the company of a foreigner for a certain amount of money.

  1. Cuba. Cuban sex services are more relevant for traditionalists in intimate entertainment, but some local putanas offer non-standard practices. For example, all parts of the waterfront in Havana after dark turn into a parade of available and compliant beauties who are waiting to meet a generous sponsor.

  1. Ukraine. The local ero-segment is still lagging behind the European level of development due to the illegal status of the sex profession. However, young guys from nearby countries know that a vacation in Ukraine is always a kaleidoscope of bright dates with inexpensive and skillful prostitutes who openly offer intimate services in all cities. And the availability of hundreds of dating sites like https://bordelero.net/ make it easy and simple to rent an individual.

  1. Jamaica. Beautiful islanders are considered to be among the hottest girls in that part of the continent, so it’s no wonder that the country is regularly visited by throngs of sex tourists. And the presence of popular hedonism hotels make adult leisure more interesting, because on the territory of these establishments you can do almost everything. For example, here you are allowed to get rid of clothes for the entire period of your vacation or indulge in passion with your chosen girlfriend in any available corner.

  1. Mexico. Latin prostitutes are known for budget prices and passionate temperament, so they are visited not only from neighboring countries, but also from more remote corners of the world. Mexican women are skater, tanned and attractive, as well as accommodating and obliging in bed, so few people remain dissatisfied with such a company. In addition, internet hookups are available in the country – adult sites like mx.pander.pro publish profiles of hundreds of available indiviudalokas on their pages.

  1. Germany. The German intimate industry has been operating legally for decades, so the local government has developed ideal control and security schemes for prostitutes and their clients. For example, girls draw up a labor contract if they get a job in a brothel, they are also obliged to undergo medical examinations and ensure the cleanliness of the workplace. Therefore, connections with German prostitutes are considered one of the safest in the world. And although the prices for intimacy in the country are high, every penny spent is more than repaid by the professionalism and diligence of German prostitutes, as well as the reliability and safety of brothels.

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